Association «TEKNA»

The Norwegian Society of Graduate Technical and Scientific Professionals «TEKNA» was founded in 1874 and today has over 50 000 full-fledged members. Its headquarters is located in Oslo. Among other things, Association focuses attention on professional growth and expanding of the number of members. «TEKNA» Training Center has organized a lot of conferences, courses and seminars in all major areas of science and technology annually. Since 1989 Association has started the "Cleaner Production" program.

Kherson Chamber of Commerce

The Kherson Chamber of Commerce and Industry is a non-state and non-profit self-governing organization that on a voluntary basis unites companies, enterprises and institutions interested in the development of business activity and setting production and trade ties in the national and foreign markets. The Chamber provides all-round support to the entrepreneurs, aimed at establishing new forms of business cooperation and developing external economic links. Nowadays, about 300 companies (located in Kherson and region) are valid members of the Kherson CCI. About 20% of them are industrial manufacturing businesses; other 80% are companies that offer services.

Realizing the need to reorient the Kherson region industry to energy efficient and environmentally less harmful technologies, Kherson CCI for the first time began to cooperate directly with the Norwegian Society of Graduate Technical and Scientific Professionals TEKNA and indirectly – with the Norwegian company REINERTSEN AS, with "Friends of the Earth - Norway” organization and with the Nordic Environment Finance Corporation NEFCO in October 2007. During these years Kherson CCI had successfully organized and conducted three cycles of "Cleaner Production and Energy Efficiency” program in close cooperation with TEKNA, and a "Business Planning" program – together with REINERTSEN AS company.

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